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Please send your order with this form - fast, simply and directly. It corresponds to the well-known fax purchase order form, in which you manually enter the articles etc. You can also download it as a PDF-file and send it to us normally with the post or by fax.
Our offer addresses to the jewels trade (business to business). Naturally we are pleased, if you as a private customer are interested in our jewels. Gladly we specify a shop in your proximity!

Please register from the catalogs admitted article numbers and the desired number of items. At same number You can summarize color variants or several articles from a series in only one line

Pieces Article number(s), variants, etc.
Please indicate your company and your name as well as email and telephone *.
Case we yet do not know each other register also the address etc.
Advice: Use the "AutoFill" function of your Webbrowser

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