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Maintenance advices

Our jewellery is provided with oxydation protection

Our jewellery is principally provided with an oxydation protection. This is put on filmy in a special bath. The advantage is that the precious, silky glamour of our satined surfaces does not change in colour. The disadvantage consists of using it and the friction as consequence remove this very thin film and the natural processing of oxydation begins once again. In the case of silver jewellery according to our knowledge the oxydation can only be avoided on a long time by "zapponing", "rhodining" or by other galvanic layers. However, the decisive and for us not acceptable disadvantage is that the typical precious optics of the silver gets thus lost.

Bring jewellery pieces in its original state

Each jewellery needs regularly maintenance. Just the silver, as the brightest precious metal oxydizes already on normal air. This can itself enforce by the influence of strong sun radiation, skin sweat, cosmeticas, make-up and hair spray. Tip for our expert shop keepers and customers: Also very important is the choice of your decoration material. By the means of diffusion of sulfur containing foam material the surface can reduce its beauty within short time.

In the case of normal dirty parts

It is enough to clean them in mild soap water with a soft teeth brush, to wash with clear water and rub them dry with a soft cloth free of fluffs. Afterwards brush the satined surface with our scotch brite sponge in one direction regularly. (Pearls, Lapis, Zirconia, etc. NOT brush with the sponge!) You can buy the sponge for matting at your Glanzpunkt jewellery shop. Also gilded models must NOT be matted with the sponge. Jewellery with Lapislazuli, Turquoise, Malachit or pearls need only to be cleaned with a moist cloth.

In the case of stronger dirtyness

Please, use a trade usual silver cleaning bath, as prescribed in the enclosed manual order. (NOT to use in the case of pearls, Lapislazuli, Turquoise, Malachit!) Afterwards brush the matting again regularly in one direction. Jewellery which is not worn resp. not decorated you keep the best in our airtight Zip-lock-bags. In order to avoid that the single pieces just in the case of earposts scratch each other, we wrap one ot them in silk paper in addition.


The subject jewellery maintenance and keeping is very extensive and complexe. For that reason not all possibilities and procedures can be taken into consideration on this website. If you have any questions or incentives concerning the subject jewellery maintenance, please, call us or send us an email.

From the content of our maintenance tips no claims of any manner can be derived. A compensation by Glanzpunkt in the case of material damage is excluded.